Drugs companies "are putting profits ahead of medical discoveries"

Drugs companies 'are putting profits ahead of medical discoveries' For every 1 spent on basic research a whopping 19 is spent on marketing, claim expertsCurrent reward system discourages innovation, they add | UPDATED: 15:13 GMT, 8 August 2012 The pharmaceutical industry is in crisis because companies are rewarded for developing new drugs that have few clinical advantages over existing ones, experts say.

Six Weeks To OMG: Fears that teenagers could be risk from eating disorders

Could the OMG diet craze put young girls in danger Fears teenagers could be at risk from eating disordersSelf-published book has knocked the Dukan Diet from the top of the bestseller listCritics warn the word-of-mouth hit cynically targets impressionable teenagers | UPDATED: 07:04 GMT, 2 July 2012 It is the latest diet fad, urging weight watchers to soak in ice-cold baths, give up fruit and gulp down black coffee before exercise.

NHS reforms: Nick Clegg backs changes to Health and Social Care Bill

Nick Clegg backs more changes to NHS reforms in bid to head off Lib Dem anger at shake-up Lib Dems are opposed to both increasing competition and giving 'favours' to the private sector Royal College of Physicians calls emergency meeting on whether to ballot its members over bill Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has backed further changes to the Government’s NHS reforms today as he attempted to head off Liberal Democrat anger over the shake-up.