Alzheimer"s medication could be used to kick habit

Now a pill that could help cure all you shopaholics! Medication designed to treat Alzheimer's patients could be used to kick habit | UPDATED: 07:46 GMT, 29 May 2012 A pill designed to treat Alzheimer’s could help compulsive shoppers curb their devastating habit.

Nurse Debbie Thomson tells how she overcame battle with "taboo" OCD

'I washed my hands until they bled, considered suicide and thought if I touched a doorhandle my family would die': Nurse tells of battle with OCD Under control: Debbie Thomson did not realise she had OCD until she was 16, and the condition spiralled out of control after her daughter was born A mother whose obsessive compulsive disorder got so bad she considered committing suicide has now managed to get the condition under control, and helps others to do the same.