Aggers: The crippling hand condition that"s been my biggest test

The voice of cricket Jonathan 'Aggers' Agnew: The crippling hand condition that's been my biggest testJonathan Agnew suffers from Dupuytren’s contracture The sufferer's connective tissue under the skin of the hand contracts pulling the fingers inwards'Aggers' has has eight surgeries on his hand | UPDATED: 21:00 GMT, 25 August 2012 Dupuytren's contracture: BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew has had eight operations to his hand Despite eight operations, the BBC’s ‘Voice of Cricket’, Jonathan Agnew, remains plagued by a crippling condition of the fingers that, untreated, could have led to amputation.

Chemotherapy can "encourage cancer growth"

Chemotherapy can backfire by 'encouraging cancer growth' Chemotherapy found to affect healthy cells surrounding cancer cells | UPDATED: 09:11 GMT, 6 August 2012 Chemotherapy can backfire by encouraging healthy body cells around the tumour to produce a protein that helps the cancer to resist treatment, research has shown.

Meet the six-year-old who is the tallest girl in Britain: Child is the height of an average 12-year-old and towers over her friends because of rare…

Meet the tallest six-year-old in Britain: Sophie is as tall as children twice her age due to rare syndrome | UPDATED: 14:11 GMT, 23 April 2012 Growing up: Sophie, aged just six, already towers over her friend Daisy due to Marfan Syndrome Meet Sophie Hollins, who at 4ft 10ins is the tallest six-year-old in Britain.