First there was norovirus, then came flu and next there will be whooping cough as figures show there have been 9,000 cases this year

First there was norovirus, then came flu, now whooping cough makes a comeback with 9,000 cases this year Number of whooping cough cases increased by nearly ten times last yearFigures for November show a total of 1,080 confirmed casesMeanwhile, flu cases highest in children aged five to 14, says HPANorth East England appears to be worst affected area of the country Doctors given the green light to prescribe antivirals to those who need themThose in at-risk groups yet to be vaccinated are urged to have flu jab | UPDATED: 15:54 GMT, 22 December 2012 The number of cases of whooping cough has jumped from 944 last year to nearly 9,000 this year, according to the latest figures After doctors up and down the country have dealt with an influx of patients suffering from norovirus, followed up by a wave of flu patients, medical staff are now gearing themselves for people needing help for whooping cough.

Parents of girl, 9, assumed her leg ache was growing pains – in fact their daughter had bone cancer

'Our little girl's “growing pains” were actually cancer': Parents' anguish as daughter, 9, nearly loses leg to deadly bone tumour Hannah had a 22cm tumour growing in her left leg, causing her a huge amount of painNine-year-old underwent four weeks of chemotherapyBrave youngster has donated her cancerous femur to science | UPDATED: 13:54 GMT, 15 October 2012 A couple have revealed how their nine year old girl nearly lost her leg to bone cancer after doctors initially thought she had simply pulled a muscle.

Desperate girl, 12, has mysterious disease that means her stomach won"t stop swelling

Desperate girl, 12, has mystery disease that means her stomach won't stop swelling | UPDATED: 16:39 GMT, 28 March 2012 A 12-year-old girl with a rare disease has a stomach so swollen she looks like she is on the verge of giving birth.

Teenager Ugur Acar undergoes face transplant sees his new visage for the first time

'It couldn't be better': Teenager who underwent face transplant sees himself in the mirror for the first time since operation Ugur Acar, 19, suffered serious burns to his face during a house fire when he was just 40 days oldTeenager is first Turk to have face transplant This is the incredible moment a teenager who underwent Turkey's first facial transplant sees his new face for the first time.

Medics who put health and safety before saving lives: The disturbing trend that led a 999 crew to refuse to carry a dying teenager

Medics who put health and safety before saving lives: The disturbing trend that led a 999 crew to refuse to carry a dying teenager When 14-year-old Shannon Powell collapsed on a cross country race course in January, a first aider promptly called an ambulance. The North London schoolgirl had suffered a violent fit and had fallen on a muddy track. Because the paramedics had problems gaining access to the track, it took nearly an hour for them to finally reach her

Paramedic refuses to carry dying girl, 14, who collapsed on cross country run "because medic had a bad back"

Schoolgirl, 14, who collapsed on cross-country run died because it took paramedics an hour to get her to hospitalAmbulance arrived six minutes after 999 call but struggled for 30 minutes to find address Medics delayed from getting into grounds as all gates but one were lockedHad Shannon reached hospital before second seizure she would have had a good chance of recovery