Toddler beats leukaemia after receiving life-saving stem cell transplant from the U.S

'I wish I could thank the mother who saved my son's life': Mum's delight as toddler beats leukaemia with stem cells donated by mystery woman in the US William Morris was diagnosed with leukaemia at just six weeks old and intensive chemotherapy failed to eradicate the diseaseHe needed a stem cell transplant to help his body make new blood cellsA match was found in the U.S.

Born at 23 weeks with a hole in the heart: how tiny twin boys made a miraculous recovery

'We can't believe they're still here': Parents' joy as twins born four months early with holes in their hearts stun doctors to make a miraculous recovery Archie and Harley Garthwaite born at 23 weeks with heart, bowel and breathing problemsBoth progressing well despite a one in 20 chance of escaping brain damageDoctors believe they may be the youngest ever twins to survive | UPDATED: 16:21 GMT, 9 October 2012 When Archie and Harley Garthwaite were born at 23 weeks with holes in their hearts, their parents were told to expect the worst.

Cancer sufferer girl, eight, fitted with replacement metal bones which will grow as she does

Cancer sufferer, 8, fitted with metal leg bones which will grow as she does Lily had a sore ankle, which her parents put down to a school cross-country runWhen she didn't improve her doctor sent her for an X-ray, when her parents were told she had a bone cancer tumour in her legEight-year-old had to have knee, tibia and part of her femur removed and replaced with adjustable stainless steel bones | UPDATED: 14:14 GMT, 3 October 2012 A girl battling cancer has been fitted with metal bones which will grow as she does.

Half price island: Private island Inish Turk Beg with luxury homes, stables and a helipad goes on sale for £2.85m – less than half of owners investment

Fancy the quiet life Private island off the west coast of Ireland with luxury homes and helipad goes on sale for a knockdown £2.85m.A private island off the coast of Ireland is going on sale after its millionaire owner suffered financial difficulties Egyptian-Irish businessman Nadim Sadek is selling Inish Turk Beg island for £2.85 million, allegedly less than half of what he spent turning it into his very own haven.

“I aimed right for his heart”: Second World War veteran, 92, lays in wait for intruder and then coolly shoots him dead

“I aimed right for his heart”: WWII veteran, 92, tells how he lay in wait for intruder in his favorite chair then coolly shot him dead with his .22 rifleEarl Jones, 92, insists: “These people aren’t worth any more to me than a groundhog” Air Force vet shot intruder dead from his armchair This was the third time intruders have broken into his Kentucky home this year

Military mom Tiffany Klapheke “let toddler die because she was too depressed about husband’s deployment”

“I just got tired of always changing the sheets”: Military mom, 21, “let her toddler die because she was too depressed about her husband”s deployment”Tiffany Klapheke, 21, charged with three felony counts of injury to a child after her 22-month-old daughter diedAutopsy found daughter lacked basic care and was dehydrated and covered in chemical burnsAt time of death, child weighed only 17.5 poundsKlapheke admitted that she should have taken better care of her daughter

The horrifying pictures which show familys border collie after it was torched by thugs

Who could do such a thing Thugs doused family’s border collie in lighter fluid and set it alight in horrific unexplained attackCody, 3, was so badly burnt its ribs and joints were visible Owner failed to recognise it as it limped home across a fieldPolice hunting for two young suspects in connection with the brutal attack

Boy, 4, left in agony after nurse leaves broken needle in his leg

Boy, 4, left in agony after nurse leaves broken needle in his leg during pre-school injection Father questioned where tip of needle had gone but nurse told him the needles never snappedNext day father took his son to hospital where X-ray confirmed needle under the skin PUBLISHED: 12:48 GMT, 6 August 2012 | UPDATED: 12:59 GMT, 6 August 2012 A father is suing the NHS after a nurse left a broken needle in his four-year-old son's leg.