No midwife present for 1-in-4 women at crucial moment of giving birth

No midwife present for 1-in-4 women at crucial moment of giving birth | UPDATED: 21:31 GMT, 12 May 2012 Pregnancy: Research shows that as many as a quarter of pregnant women claim they did not have a midwife present during crucial parts of the birth One in four women do not have a midwife present during the crucial moments of giving birth, according to a new study.

UK"s most popular IVF treatment in turmoil over shock report into baby defects

IVF treatment used by 23,000 women in turmoil as shock report shows birth abnormalities have DOUBLEDSurvey shows injections used by 20,000 British couples a year reveals one in ten babies born with abnormalitiesFindings show all other IVF procedures are safeClinics accused of profiting from more expensive procedure | UPDATED: 22:24 GMT, 5 May 2012 Fertility clinics are facing demands to restrict the most popular form of IVF after a shocking new report linked it to an increased risk of birth defects.

Manchester United nearly kills woman suffering from rare medical disorder

“Watching Manchester United nearly killed me,” says female fan suffering from rare medical stress disorder58-year-old woman hit by anxiety and panic attacks Blood tests confirm rare and life threatening disorderShe must take daily medication for life The stress of watching her favourite football team in action nearly killed a woman blighted by a rare medical condition, doctors have revealed. A 58-year-old woman was forced to seek medical advice after she experienced severe anxiety and panic attacks while watching Manchester United matches. Tests confirmed that she suffered from “Addisonian crisis”, a rare and life threatening disorder caused by lack of the stress hormone cortisol