The boy who can only see in the dark: Rare condition means child, 3, is blinded by sunlight and can only see in black and white

The little boy who is blinded by the light: Toddler can only see in black and white due to rare eye disorder Harvey can only see black, white and shades of grey due to a rare vision deficiencyHis parents have just found out Harvey's younger sister also has the condition | UPDATED: 11:40 GMT, 25 July 2012 Three-year-old Harvey Webb has a rare condition that means he is blinded by light – and has to wear special heavy-duty sunglasses to help him see.

Brothers Matthew and Michael Clark are real-life "Benjamin Buttons": A rare genetic condition is making them slowly regress into a…

At home with the real-life Benjamin Buttons: The once-married, middle-aged brothers forced to live with their parents as they slowly regress into a child-like state | UPDATED: 23:33 GMT, 4 May 2012 Giggling mischievously and poking out his tongue at his younger brother, Michael Clark hides a Mr Potato Head toy behind the living-room curtains.