Dental nurse, 30, died after "serious failings" by paramedics who could have saved her had she gone to hospital

Dental nurse, 30, died after 'serious failings' by paramedics who could have saved her had she gone to hospital Sarah Thomas, 30, was barely conscious when paramedics arrived They told her she was 'better off' at home rather than hospital Inquest ruled she would have survived had she received simple treatment By Rachel Reilly PUBLISHED: 15:37 GMT, 22 February 2013 | UPDATED: 15:40 GMT, 22 February 2013 Sarah Thomas died at home because her symptoms were not taken seriously by paramedics A dental nurse died after 'serious failings' by paramedics called to her home, a coroner ruled today.

Terry Nutkins dead: Presenter of The Really Wild Show and Animal Magic dies after battle with leukemia

Wildlife presenter and father of eight Terry Nutkins, 66, dies after nine-month battle with leukemiaThe father of eight and grandfather of eight died in Scotland yesterdayHe had presented The Really Wild Show, Animal Magic and other wildlife TVHis love of animals was confirmed when as a child he would bunk off school and climb over the fence of London Zoo Tributes from the world of television have flooded in for the much-loved broadcaster”His enthusiasm and genuine love of animals will have inspired generations of children throughout the country,” BBC said

Dentist, 33, suffers locked-in syndrome after carrying out "gruelling" tooth extraction causes him to suffer a near fatal stroke

Dentist, 33, falls into locked-in syndrome after suffering stroke while he's carrying out 'gruelling' tooth extraction Doctors told Mr Davies' family he had no prospect of any independent lifeThey said they have been amazed at his recovery over the past six months | UPDATED: 16:52 GMT, 12 June 2012 A dentist suffered a near fatal stroke after performing a particularly gruelling tooth extraction.

Church warden found dead in bath by vicar after overdose of Viagra-style pills

Church warden found dead in bath by vicar after killing himself with overdose of Viagra pills Condoms, lubricant, disposable latex gloves, canes and towels found at Dr Martin Rowe's houseInquest heard he took hundreds of times the normal dose of the prescription drug | UPDATED: 19:16 GMT, 31 May 2012 A church warden found dead in a bath by the vicar of the church where he volunteered had killed himself by taking a 'massive' sex drug overdose, an inquest heard.

Senior doctors told to be on duty to end annual NHS "killing season" when medical graduates start work

NHS ordered to end the 'killing season' when patient death rate jumps as thousands of graduate doctors start work Each year, the first Wednesday in August – dubbed 'Black Wednesday' – sees more than 6,000 newly qualified doctors start their careers in medicineIt coincides with 6% increase in death rates | UPDATED: 09:53 GMT, 28 May 2012 More consultants should be on duty to end the annual 'killing season' in the NHS when thousands of medical graduates start on hospital wards, a review of staff practices has warned.