Just a couple of BITES of chocolate is enough to satisfy your taste buds

Just a couple of BITES of chocolate are as tasty as a whole bar, claim scientists Two groups were given different-sized portions of chocolate, apple pie and crispsThey were asked to rate their hunger and cravings before and after eating Group given the larger portion ate 77 per cent more but didn't report feeling any more satisfied By Anna Hodgekiss PUBLISHED: 14:24 GMT, 30 January 2013 | UPDATED: 14:51 GMT, 30 January 2013 We've all had those moments when we reach for one chocolate and end up polishing off an entire box.

Actor Nigel Havers under the microscope

Actor Nigel Havers under the microscope: Why I don't fear getting old | UPDATED: 07:19 GMT, 24 April 2012 Nigel Havers relies on his wife giving him daily supplements and says 'they seem to be doing the trick' Actor Nigel Havers, 60, takes our health quiz…ANY INJURIES I broke my wrist during the filming of Chariots Of Fire in 1981.