iPhone case "Lotus" by Uunique London is more expensive than a HOUSE

The iPhone more expensive than a HOUSE: It's made of 18-carat rose gold, rare pink and white diamonds and handmade Italian leather – but would you pay 189,000 for it Uunique London's Lotus is the most expensive iPhone case in the worldActress Mischa Barton launched new range in London last night | UPDATED: 17:25 GMT, 23 November 2012 These may be tough economic times, but that hasn't stopped one mobile phone case designer saying 'What the hey!', and throwing rare pink and white diamonds, 18-carat rose gold and Italian leather at the problem.

Russia diamonds: Source under Siberian asteroid crater could supply world markets for the next 3,000 years

“We are speaking about trillions of carats”: Russia reveals vast diamond source under 62-MILE-WIDE asteroid crater which could supply world markets for next 3,000 yearsSupply under 35million-year-old impact zone is ten times bigger than global reservesKremlin discovered the site in the 1970s but kept it a secret until now to exploit tightly controlled marketDiamonds at Popigai Astroblem in Siberia are “twice as hard” as normal, making them ideal for high-precision scientific instruments and industry

Woman diagnosed with cancer – after her dog won"t stop pawing at her breast

Woman diagnosed with cancer – after her dog won't stop pawing at her breast Mrs Rawlinson discovered a lump after her dog kept nuzzling her breastShe has received chemotherapy and will have the tumour removed soon | UPDATED: 12:02 GMT, 26 July 2012 A woman has hailed her pet dog as a 'guardian angel' after it sniffed out a cancerous lump growing in her breast.