Counterfeit condoms put consumers at risk of STIs as millions are imported over the last 18 months

Millions of fake condoms smuggled into UK over last 18 months raising risk of STIs Fake condoms from Far East use cheaper materials that burst more easilyMHRA has employed sniffer dogs trained to spot counterfeit condoms , 1.5m worth of counterfeit condoms were seized at Heathrow Airport, with a similar amount found in Yorkshire.

Man’s TRUE best friend: Dogs really do console us when we cry – and they treat strangers with just as much empathy

Man”s TRUE best friend: How dogs can respond to our emotions more than other humans Study at Goldsmiths University shows dogs will spot crying people and approach and nuzzle Behaviour seems hardwired based on thousands of years of “best friend” partnershipEven strangers get the same level of concern as a dog”s owner

So what really ingredients really go into a sausage? Read on and you may never eat a frankfurter again

So what ingredients really go into a hot dog Read on and you may never want to eat another frankfurterNext month sees opening of a London restaurant specialising in hot dogs and ChampagneCheap hot dogs eaten in excess can be disastrous for a person”s health World Cancer Research Fund recommends people avoid all processed meats