Legal high Benzo Fury "as dangerous illegal drugs such as ecstasy", study claims

Legal high Benzo Fury 'as dangerous as illegal drugs such as ecstasy', study claims Benzo Fury is currently one of the most popular legal 'highs' in the UK It is freely available to buy via the internet, at music festivals and clubs But experts claim it could cause high blood pressure and addiction 19-year-old Alex Heriot died at a music festival in June 2012.

Illicit drugs appear to be "going out of fashion" as figures reveal record decline in usage

Drugs are 'going out of fashion' as figures show dramatic fall in usage since 1996 Annual crime survey shows decline in use of so-called legal highsHerion usage has stabilised at a low level with 0.1 per cent of the population thought to be taking itCannabis is still the most popular drug, with about 2.3million people using it last year | UPDATED: 22:31 GMT, 28 September 2012 Illegal drug taking could be 'going out of fashion' as new Home Office figures reveal a continuation in comparatively low level usage.

Children of the Sixties refusing to quit drugs… as it"s revealed use by over 50s has increased tenfold in twenty years

Use of drugs by the over-60s has increased tenfold in 20 years | UPDATED: 09:48 GMT, 5 April 2012 Drug bust: Paul McCartney pictured on his arrival at London Airport from Barbados in 1984 after he was fined for cannabis possession The number of middle-aged drug users is on the rise, as many who first experimented during the liberal Sixties and Seventies refuse to give up the habit.

Taking ecstasy results in erratic and dangerous driving study shows

A dangerous trip: Taking a small dose of ecstasy results in “erratic and dangerous driving” New Year”s Eve revellers have been warned that taking even tiny amounts of ecstasy can lead to erratic and potentially deadly driving. Researchers from Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, gave 61 volunteers low doses of ecstasy before testing their driving skills in a simulator. They were given dosages that were “limited by ethical protocols” ranging from half to 10 times lower that taken by a typical rave user