Beltsville Agricultural Research Center: Scientists preserve and capture microscopic side of snowflakes

The secrets of snowflakes: Scientists capture incredible close-ups of ice crystals (but they had to freeze the microscope to -170C to get the shots)Hydrologists study the snowflakes” composition to understand their effects on ecosystemNaturally occurring snowflakes are collected outside Maryland research center and shipped in .Photographed using a specialized microscope whose viewing stage is chilled to -170C, scientists in Maryland are showing a whole new side to what”s caught on the tip of our tongues.

City hospitals "breed and spread MRSA" across the country

Big city hospitals 'breed and spread MRSA across the country' Genetic evidence suggests MRSA is transferred via patients from city hospitals to smaller regional hospitals | UPDATED: 08:45 GMT, 15 May 2012 Hospitals in large cities act as breeding grounds for the superbug MRSA before it spreads out across the country, a study has revealed.