Hinchingbrooke: First NHS hospital to be run by private company Circle opens its doors

Private firm starts running NHS hospital for first time and promises to make it one of top 10 in the country Company say they plan to make failing hospital one of top 10 in the countryFirm will need to tackle 39million debt A private firm has become the first to manage an NHS hospital today.

Autistic children should be encouraged to find their "inner voice" to help them cope

Autistic children encouraged to find their 'inner voice' may cope better with daily life, finds study Autistic children find it difficult to develop inner speech skills which could explain why they display some repetitive behaviours Difficulty: Poor communication skills are a core feature of autism spectrum disorder (model) Teaching children with autism to 'talk things through' in their heads may help them solve tricky day-to-day tasks and could increase the chances of them living independent lives when they grow up, say scientists.