African mouse that sheds and regrows its skin may hold key to regenerating scar-free tissue in people

The African mouse that could hold the key to healing wounds without scar tissue by regenerating its own damaged skin African spiny mouse is first mammal found capable of regrowing its own skinCould provide a new model for wound healing and tissue regeneration in people | UPDATED: 11:16 GMT, 27 September 2012 Enlarge The mouse that can heal itself: This rodent can shed its skin and fur to allow it to escape the grasp of predators A small African mammal with an unusual ability to regrow damaged tissues could be the key to the next breakthrough in regenerative medicine, say scientists.

Streptococcus tigurinus: Lethal bug lurking inside mouth could kill if it enters bloodstream

Lethal bug lurking inside the mouth could kill if it enters bloodstream, say scientists A bacteria living in the mouth could cause serious disease or even kill if it enters the bloodstream, a new study warns.