Nestle hides GPS chips in KitKat bars to hand out suitcase full of cash

Have a break, have £10k! KitKat firm Nestle hides GPS chips in six bars so they can track you down and hand over a briefcase full of cashChocolate giant launches “We Will Find You” campaign in UK Tracking devices are activated when you open the wrapperTeam of “commandos” despatched to your exact locationThey will swoop down from helicopter to hand you winnings

What if the 1906 San Francisco earthquake happened today? Photo trickery shows how it would hit the city

What if the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake struck today Digital trickery blends pictures taken at the time with city”s streets todayPhotographer Shawn Clover finds the exact spot each photo was taken and waits for the right light conditions He studied archives of old photos taken at the time of the disasterAround 25,000 buildings were destroyed by fire that raged for four days after the quake

Bournemouth man commits suicide “because he couldn’t get over cat’s death”

Grief-stricken pet owner, 44, KILLED himself “because he couldn”t get over the death of his beloved cat”. A grief-stricken pet owner killed himself because he struggled to cope with the death of his beloved cat, an inquest heard.

Emmerdale star Scott Taylor talks about his son Leo"s bowel disorder

'All I wanted was for him to be breathing on his own', says Emmerdale star Scott Taylor about son Leo's bowel disorder That's my boy: Scott with Leo now Perfect, tiny and pink – baby Leo was handed to his mother Carla Tomlinson after a 72-hour, yet straightforward, labour.