"It felt like a firework in my brain": Mother receives life-saving two-hour stroke cure

'It felt like a firework in my brain': Mother receives life-saving treatment that cured stroke in two hours Jacqueline had a stroke that left her paralysed and unable to talkShe was cured after surgeons removed the blood clot using a tube containing a tiny mesh basket'It almost felt like fireworks in my head,' the mother saidShe is now fully recovered | UPDATED: 13:27 GMT, 4 December 2012 A mother who suffered a stroke – leaving her paralysed and unable to talk – was cured within two hours after undergoing pioneering treatment.

Food shortages could turn the world vegetarian by 2050, warn leading scientists

Food shortages could turn most of the world vegetarian by 2050, warn leading scientists Fresh warning claims spiraling population will mean major meat shortagesClaim there will not be enough water to produce crops by 2050 based on current diets. The world may have to become almost entirely vegetarian, leading scientists have warned.

The "eye-borg": First successful implant of a "bionic" eye could restore sight to the blind

'I've dreamed in colour for the first time in 20 years': Blind British man can see again after first successful implant of 'bionic' eye microchipsMicrochips restore sight to people suffering retinitis pigmentosa – an incurable condition that leads to blindnessCondition affects one in every 3,000-4,000 peopleClinical trial with two sufferers 'exceeds expectations' Sufferers able to detect outlines of objects 'within days' Vision expected to improve further as 3mm chip 'beds in' | UPDATED: 23:17 GMT, 3 May 2012 Surgeons in Oxford, led by Professor Robert MacLaren, fitted the chip at the back of Chris' eye in a complex eight-hour operation last month.