Echinacea could trigger allergies in children under 12, warns UK drugs watchdog

Echinacea could trigger allergies in children under 12, UK drugs watchdog warns parents Herbal remedy could cause serious allergic reaction in children | UPDATED: 15:54 GMT, 20 August 2012 A popular herbal remedy used to ward off colds should not be given to children under 12, according to the UK drugs watchdog.

Father’s Day 2012: Awkward Family Photos of embarrassing dads show how to ruin a picture

Awkward Family Photos – the Father”s Day edition: Embarrassing dads show how to really ruin a picture. With their lack of dress sense, shame and ability to crack a smile for a family photograph, dads have long been able to make the simplest of pictures excruciatingly awkward.

Teenager Ugur Acar undergoes face transplant sees his new visage for the first time

'It couldn't be better': Teenager who underwent face transplant sees himself in the mirror for the first time since operation Ugur Acar, 19, suffered serious burns to his face during a house fire when he was just 40 days oldTeenager is first Turk to have face transplant This is the incredible moment a teenager who underwent Turkey's first facial transplant sees his new face for the first time.