Sam Gordon, 9, is first female football player on a Wheaties box

'I want to prove girls can play, it's not just a boy's sport!' Nine-year-old sensation is first female football player put on Wheaties box Sam Gordon, 9, has become one of the fastest children in her local football league just a year after she started playing Weighing not even 60lbs, she fearlessly tackles male players up to 150lbs | UPDATED: 22:37 GMT, 22 November 2012 Samantha Gordon, 9, is too fast for boys to catch her on the football field, earning her the nickname Sweet Feet and now the cover of a Wheaties box.

Martin Bell: "I have now done 18 wars and I"ll take any of them rather than the dentist"s chair"

'I have now done 18 wars and I'll take any of them rather than the dentist's chair': Under the microscope with Martin Bell | UPDATED: 01:33 GMT, 12 June 2012 The former war reporter and MP, 73, on his war wounds, losing over three stone in the past two years and when sex is important Is sex important 'Only if it means something.

Hospital hit with 20,000 repair bill after flying wheelchair smashes into MRI scanner because of magnetic field

Wheelchair narrowly misses patient after it is sent flying through air by MRI scanner when it was caught in its magnetic field Incident put the scanner out of action for two days A hospital is facing a 20,000 bill to repair damage caused by a wheelchair which was flung across a room by powerful magnets in an MRI machine.