Losing 10lb "can reduce menopause symptoms" including hot flushes and night sweats

Losing 10lb 'can reduce menopause symptoms' including hot flushes and night sweats | UPDATED: 00:16 GMT, 12 July 2012 Women going through menopause who lose excess fat could reduce their symptoms Losing excess weight could help banish the symptoms of the menopause, research has suggested.

Menopause really does cause "brain fog" say scientists

Menopause really does cause 'brain fog' as scientists find women in their fifties struggle with working memory Working memory is the ability to manipulate new information such as calculating a tip | UPDATED: 10:35 GMT, 15 March 2012 It won't come as a surprise to millions of women who complain about 'brain fog' during the menopause but 'the change' can cause memory problems, according to scientists.