"I feel like an experiment": Doctors grow new ear on woman"s arm in pioneering medical procedure

'I feel like an experiment': Doctors grow new ear on woman's arm in pioneering medical procedureAfter doctors removed her left ear in 2010 to battle aggressive skin cancer Sherrie Walter was left deaf and disfiguredSurgical team at Johns Hopkins Hospital offered her the chance to have a new ear re-grown using cartilage from her ribsThe plan was unusual because facial and neck skin is used in ear reconstruction – Walter didn't have enough because of her previous surgeries and doctors chose to use the skin of the forearm as an alternativeWalter's new ear was fitted in March 2012 and she is now undergoing cosmetic procedures to contour the ear into an acceptable shape By James Nye PUBLISHED: 18:05 GMT, 27 September 2012 | UPDATED: 07:00 GMT, 28 September 2012 For the past two years Sherrie Walter has been unwilling to pull her hair into a ponytail and unable to wear a pair of matching earrings after surgery to deal with an aggressive form of skin cancer.

Robot helps surgeons treat mouth cancer in just one hour

Robot arm helps surgeons treat mouth cancer in just one hour – and with no scars | UPDATED: 21:46 GMT, 9 June 2012 No pain: Stephan Spiriak was home within a week of having the operation Pioneering robotic surgery is allowing doctors to remove cancer in the mouth without leaving a scar.