The icy blast using freezing gas that kills off kidney cancer without the need for surgery

The icy blast using freezing gas that kills off kidney cancer without the need for surgery Cryoablation freezes and destroys the cancer using argon gas passed to the tumour tissue through fine needles in the patient's skinNo surgery is needed and patients can leave hospital the next day Suitable for patients with tumours less than 2in in diameter or for those where surgery is considered too risky | UPDATED: 01:14 GMT, 23 December 2012 A remarkable procedure that uses freezing gas to destroy kidney cancers is offering hope to the 8,000 Britons diagnosed with the disease each year.

Hundreds of women have healthy pregnancies ended by mistake because scans can"t detect the earliest signs of life

Hundreds of women may be losing healthy babies due to mistaken diagnosis of miscarriage Home pregnancy tests are now so sensitive women who fear they have miscarried are attending hospital at an earlier stage than in the pastHospital scans cannot detect the earliest signs of life and may fail to pick up a present heartbeat, leading doctors to remove the early foetusUp to 400 woman may be losing healthy babies each year due to mistaken diagnosis, according to reportNew guidelines urge doctors not to operate to remove a foetus within the first 13 weeks of pregnancy | UPDATED: 08:36 GMT, 12 December 2012 Hundreds of women may be losing healthy babies every year because they are incorrectly diagnosed as having suffered a miscarriage, experts have warned.

NHS gives green light for the 1.40-a-day heart pill Ivabradine which cuts deaths by at least 17 per cent

NHS green light for 1.40-a-day heart pill that could save lives of thousands of suffering from common heart condition | UPDATED: 00:12 GMT, 7 August 2012 Approved: The pill will cost less than 10 a week A pill costing only 1.40-a-day that could save the lives of thousands suffering from a common heart condition is set to be approved for NHS use.

Prostate cancer drug Abiraterone set for approval in England and Wales but not Scotland

England and Wales benefit from NHS postcode lottery as prostate cancer wonder drug set for approval south of border but turned down by Scotland Final approval of abiraterone for England and Wales expected in JuneProstate cancer charity calls on Scotland to approve drug | UPDATED: 09:02 GMT, 16 May 2012 Abiraterone is marketed as Zytiga A drug to treat advanced prostate cancer should be given to patients in England and Wales, according to the NHS rationing body.