Wales measles outbreak: New case every two hours

New case of measles being diagnosed every two HOURS in South Wales epidemicNumber of children infected with virus has hit 765A further 72 have caught infection over past week Experts say epidemic shows no sign of slowing down By Rachel Reilly PUBLISHED: 17:28 GMT, 16 April 2013 | UPDATED: 17:28 GMT, 16 April 2013 Immunise: The only answer to the measles outbreak A child is being diagnosed with measles every two hours in the South Wales epidemic – with the total now standing at 765.

Why Facebook friends don"t count: People are happier and laugh 50% more when talking face-to-face

Why Facebook friends don't count: People are happier and laugh 50% more when talking face-to-face Talking on phone does not make people feel as good as sharing a smileStudy suggests quality not quantity of communication is most importantMost satisfying relationships 'come from handful of close friends' By Jenny Hope PUBLISHED: 23:24 GMT, 9 April 2013 | UPDATED: 23:43 GMT, 9 April 2013 A study has found there is no link between Facebook use and people with larger groups of friends or more emotionally intense relationships (file picture) Facebook friends are no substitute for the real thing, according to psychologists.

Mother with rare stomach condition forced to live solely on tea and biscuits

A diet of dunking: Mother with rare stomach condition forced to live solely on tea and biscuits Suzanne Kettle, 28, suffers from gastroparesis, a rare condition that prevents her stomach from contracting to digest food | UPDATED: 12:44 GMT, 13 September 2012 For many people it might sound like the dream diet.

Becomes mother after pioneering cervical cancer surgery

Blessed by a baby we feared we'd never have: Pioneering surgery saved woman with cervical cancer and left her still able to become a mother Katie Brown was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2010She underwent radical surgery to save her life and her fertilitySix months later she was pregnant, much to the amazement of her doctorMiss Brown and partner Adam Holtby delayed their wedding plans Baby Ethan was born healthy by Caesarean section | UPDATED: 06:55 GMT, 20 August 2012 Like most new mothers, Katie Brown readily admits she is besotted with her baby son.

Menopause really does cause "brain fog" say scientists

Menopause really does cause 'brain fog' as scientists find women in their fifties struggle with working memory Working memory is the ability to manipulate new information such as calculating a tip | UPDATED: 10:35 GMT, 15 March 2012 It won't come as a surprise to millions of women who complain about 'brain fog' during the menopause but 'the change' can cause memory problems, according to scientists.

Woman gives birth to twin five years AFTER his sister is born: Second embryo taken from same batch conceived in 2005

Woman gives birth to twin… five years AFTER his sister was born Reuben and Floren were conceived at the same time but born five years apart Having twin babies can often be a handful – unless, as with Reuben Blake and his sister Floren, they arrive five years apart. The siblings were born from the same batch of embryos created during their parents’ IVF treatment.