Kayleigh Duff: Terminally-ill single mum, 23, granted dying wish of having a hen do at TOWIE nightclub

Terminally-ill single mum, 23, who fulfilled her dream of having a fairytale wedding gets another wish granted by having a hen do at TOWIE nightclubKayleigh Duff, from Kent, has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancerHas list of things she wants to do before dying – including getting marriedLast week had a ceremony where she 'married' a male model at a castleNow been given a hen do at the TOWIE nightclub Sugar Hut in Brentwood and medics removed her bowel.

Husband a right old grump? it could be Asperger"s: Thousands have it without realising

Husband a right old grump He could be one of thousands who have Asperger's without realisingAsperger’s is a ‘high-functioning’ form of autism where sufferers often have very high IQs | UPDATED: 12:05 GMT, 5 June 2012 When martial arts teacher Sandra Beale-Ellis discovered one of the children in her class had Asperger’s syndrome, she set out to discover more about the condition.