Schoolboy, ten, who has undergone 40 operations to cure an eight-year headache

Schoolboy, ten, undergoes 40 operations to try and cure an eight-year headache Schoolboy has to have an operation around once every two months to drain fluid from his skull Laughlan had an operation to remove a bone from his skull to give the brain more room in October last year, but the surgery failed | UPDATED: 16:01 GMT, 5 September 2012 A brave schoolboy has had 40 operations as doctors try to cure him of an eight-year headache.

Hydrocephalus: rare brain defect causes girl"s head to inflate to THREE times normal size

We need a miracle: Mother's plea as rare brain defect causes daughter's head to inflate to THREE times normal size Girl, 3, has Hydrocephalus that has caused a build-up of spinal fluid on her brainTwo-hour procedure could have cured condition but poverty-stricken family couldn't afford it | UPDATED: 11:15 GMT, 24 July 2012 [headerlinks These are the heart-wrenching images of a toddler who suffers from a rare disease which has caused her head to inflate to three times the size of an average adult.