British women fly to U.S to choose gender of their baby

Do you want a girl or a boy British women fly to U.S to choose gender of their baby Gender selection is banned in the UK under the 1990 Human Fertilisation and Embryology ActOne doctor says he sees 40 British couples a year who want to pick the sex of their next baby | UPDATED: 07:53 GMT, 29 August 2012 Dozens of British women are flying to the America every year and paying thousands of pounds to choose the sex of their baby, it has emerged.

Empire State Building shooting: Two people shot dead and multiple others injured

Shootout at the Empire State: Nine bystanders hit in crossfire as cops gun down sacked Manhattan fashion worker who killed bossJeffrey Johnson, 58, shot ex-boss Steven Ercolino, 41, three times outside former workplace near New York City skyscraper Gunman was wearing smart grey suit and carrying briefcase Ran off but was chased by construction worker who alerted police When Johnson aimed gun at police, officer shot him deadNine injured in gunfire – some might have been hit by police bulletsNeighbour: Shooter was always alone but “he was the nicest guy” Rush-hour ruckus took place in heart of New York City at the height of summer when area was swarming with tourists and workers