Jobless mother Sara Agintas who weighs 33 stone demands NHS weight loss operation

'I'm too fat to work': Jobless mother-of-six, who weighs 33 stone and spent 200 a week on takeaways, is demanding NHS weight loss operationSara Agintas, 43, admits to downing 12 'small' cans of lager a day while expecting her sixth child, but wants a 14,000 NHS gastric bypass Complains she put on weight after each birth because she found it 'too hard to diet' and says exercise 'hurt' | UPDATED: 16:09 GMT, 27 March 2012 Sara Agintas, tips the scales at a hefty 33 stone, but insists tax payers should fork out for the 14,000 operation because she's now too fat to work A mother-of-six is demanding an NHS weight loss operation, despite admitting she has spent her life binging on junk food.