Salford boy Zach Tahir with rare condition Pica given "inedible" bedroom after he ate the walls of the last one

Boy gets new 'inedible' bedroom: Six-year-old with rare condition that means he craves solid objectsZach Tahir, from Salford, suffers from the rare condition PicaIt causes him to crave inedible objects, including stones, paper and moss /07/22/article-0-142754A2000005DC-937_634x464.jpg” width=”634″ height=”464″ alt=”Members of the Coronation Street cast have now got behind the campaign to raise money for Zach” class=”blkBorder” /> Members of the Coronation Street cast got behind the campaign to raise money for Zach Soap stars Kym Marsh, left, and Kate Ford, right, lent their support to the campaign to raise awareness and fun a new safe-proof room for the five-year-old Actor John Henshaw also supported the efforts to help build an extension for the child Some of the loose plaster in Zach's bedroom which the youngster has been eating Those included in supporting Zach's fund are members of the cast of ITV soap Coronation Street and comedian John Bishop.