Why jogging a week before your period could damage your knees

Jogging a week before your period is due 'could damage your knees' Sportswomen are more likely to suffer from join injuries than men Scientists found nerve activity increased in knee muscles in late stage of woman's menstrual cycle | UPDATED: 13:55 GMT, 16 October 2012 Injured knees: Scientists think a woman's menstrual cycle could be associated with her increased risk of tearing ligaments during exercise Women who work out regularly should consider taking it easy in the week before their period is due – as they could be at greater risk of injury, say scientists.

Mothers who swaddle babies are causing hip problems that died out 25 years ago

Trendy mothers who swaddle their babies are causing rise in a hip problem that died out 25 years ago.Expert says if swaddling a baby it is vital they have enough room to bend their legs