Eating your greens could slash your chances of developing PMT

Tucking into a salad could slash a woman's chance of developing PMTEating foods high in non-heme iron could cut PMS risk by 40 per cent, according to American researchersThis could be because iron is involved in serotonin production and serotonin regulates mood Eating too much iron can be very harmful By Emma Innes PUBLISHED: 13:10 GMT, 27 February 2013 | UPDATED: 13:22 GMT, 27 February 2013 Women who eat plenty of leafy green vegetables could cut their risk of pre-menstrual syndrome by up to 40 per cent, according to researchers.

Frightening words of 4st anorexic Valeria Levitin who gets FAN MAIL because she"s so thin

'I'm not going to teach young girls how to die': Frightening words of 4st anorexic who gets FAN MAIL because she's so thin Valeria Levitin, 39, developed the eating disorder as a teenager after years of her mother weighing her as a childTaunted at school about her weight and told she was 'too fat' to be a modelSays she is horrified by the letters she receives from girls wanting weight loss tips – and that her emaciated figure should be a severe warning about the dangers of extreme dietingDescribes being anorexic as ‘lonely, unattractive and repulsive for the people around me’ | UPDATED: 11:45 GMT, 19 December 2012 This is the desperately sad story of the thinnest woman in the world who weighs just four stone after years of extreme dieting.

Obesity accelerates memory loss over 50

Obesity and high blood pressure 'speed up mental decline' for those aged over 50 People over 50 with high blood pressure or obesity suffer accelerated memory loss and cognitive skills Risk factors such as heart disease and diabetes speed up the mental declineObese participants' brains aged 3.8 years more than those of a health weightResearch supports evidence that mid-life obesity increases the risk of dementia | UPDATED: 00:21 GMT, 21 August 2012 Obesity and high blood pressure lead to faster mental decline in the over-50s, researchers warn.

Olympics hero Dai Greene: How clean living has conquered my epilepsy

How clean living has conquered my epilepsy: An Olympic hero's remarkable recipe for beating seizures – without drugs | UPDATED: 23:21 GMT, 28 May 2012 Olympic gold medal hopeful Dai Greene has had to overcome more than just track hurdles in his career.

Jobless mother Sara Agintas who weighs 33 stone demands NHS weight loss operation

'I'm too fat to work': Jobless mother-of-six, who weighs 33 stone and spent 200 a week on takeaways, is demanding NHS weight loss operationSara Agintas, 43, admits to downing 12 'small' cans of lager a day while expecting her sixth child, but wants a 14,000 NHS gastric bypass Complains she put on weight after each birth because she found it 'too hard to diet' and says exercise 'hurt' | UPDATED: 16:09 GMT, 27 March 2012 Sara Agintas, tips the scales at a hefty 33 stone, but insists tax payers should fork out for the 14,000 operation because she's now too fat to work A mother-of-six is demanding an NHS weight loss operation, despite admitting she has spent her life binging on junk food.

Pregnant mother was so worried about getting fat, she became anorexic

The 'pregorexic' mother whose weight plummeted to FOUR STONE because she was so worried about getting fat during pregnancyKaty Bassett had to be tube-fed while she was pregnant At 30 weeks she developed a life-threatening infection in her feeding tube, and doctors were forced to deliver baby Evan early via caesareanShe was too frail to care for him until he was 14 months oldAs a teenager she had suffered from anorexia Having battled with teenage anorexia that doctors feared had left her infertile, Katy Bassett was delighted when she became pregnant at the age of 27.