Cheaper blindness drug may save NHS 85million each year

Cheaper blindness drug may save NHS 85million each yearCurrent drug costs 750 per treatment, but doctors are increasingly using a 60 alternativeDrugs firm that makes the 750 option claims the cheaper alternative puts patients at riskFour NHS trusts are being taken to court by the drug's manufacturer over the issue | UPDATED: 23:04 GMT, 6 May 2012 The NHS could save 85million each year by using a cheaper drug to treat a common form of blindness in the elderly, researchers claim.

Macular degeneration: One-off jab that could stop age-related blindness

The one-off jab that could stop the most common cause of age-related blindness in elderly | UPDATED: 15:53 GMT, 9 April 2012 A chemical that will stop people from developing the most serious form of age-related macular degeneration has been found by scientists.