Baby James Anderson Berg dies after falling out of shopping cart in Macon

Three-month-old boy dies after falling out of shopping cart as mother walked back to car By John Stevens Tragedy: Valli Berg was walking out of the store with a friend when her son tumbled from the cart A three-month-old boy has died after he fell from a shopping cart as it was pushed over a speed bump.

The hydrant hands-free drinks system: Simple solution to stop patients dying of thirst

Hands-free hydration: The simple solution to stop patients dying of thirst | UPDATED: 21:03 GMT, 7 July 2012 Hands-free: The hydrant water bottle clips on a bed frame or wheelchair Last week, an inquest heard how a brain-tumour patient who died due to dehydration might have lived if he had been given a drink of water.

"Hit squad" sent into crisis NHS trust that is losing 1m a week

'Hit squad' sent into crisis NHS trust that is losing 1m a weekSouth London Healthcare NHS trust has gone 150million in the red over the past three yearsMany of the debts run up thanks to PFI deals agreed by Labour that will cost 2.5billion in the long termPatients face some of the longest waiting times for operations in the country | UPDATED: 23:15 GMT, 25 June 2012 Emergency treatment: Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has drafted in a crisis team to deal with problems at South London Healthcare NHS Trust A hospital trust that has run up debts of 1million a week today becomes the first to be put into special measures .

Legionnaires" disease outbreak 2012: Man dies and 30 left fighting for survival in Edinburgh

Cooling towers blamed for outbreak of deadly Legionnaires' disease that has killed a man and left 32 fighting for survival Bacteria thought to have been transmitted via droplets of infected water from cloud of gas rising into the air Man in his 50s dies from deadly bug in Edinburgh Royal InfirmaryTens of thousands at risk as epidemic could spread 44 square miles from source Health bosses warn people to watch out for symptoms, which can take weeks to appearSymptoms include coughing, chest pains, fever and chills | UPDATED: 11:52 GMT, 6 June 2012 A cloud of vapour rising from cooling towers has been blamed for a massive outbreak of the deadly Legionnaires' disease tearing through Edinburgh.