Trio of sisters have breasts AND wombs removed to avoid cancer that killed their mother at 32

Three sisters take drastic step of having their breasts AND wombs removed to avoid hereditary cancer death sentence that killed their mother at just 32 Youngest sister, 30, will have womb removed like her siblings after she has tried for childrenThe sisters found they carried the deadly BRCA1 gene after Luan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 These three sisters look a picture of health – but they have had to take drastic action to stay that way.

Parabens: Chemical found in everyday items needs more investigation after scientists discover it in tumours of ALL breast cancer patients

Chemical found in deodorants, face cream and food products is discovered in tumours of ALL breast cancer patients 'The fact that parabens were present in so many of the breast tissue samples does justify further investigation’ Underarm risk No link has been proven between deodorants and breast cancer A chemical widely used as a preservative in cosmetics, food products and pharmaceuticals has been found in tissue samples from 40 women with breast cancer. A number of studies since 1998 have raised concerns about the potential role of these parabens in breast cancer as they possess oestrogenic properties. Oestrogen is known to play a central role in the development, growth and progression of breast cancer