Kate Middleton: Iranian Paralympic athlete refused to shake Duchess of Cambridge’s hand “for cultural reasons” at medal ceremony

Iranian Paralympic athlete refuses to shake Duchess of Cambridge”s hand “for cultural reasons because she”s a woman” at medal ceremony Discus thrower Mehrdad Karam Zadeh clutched his chest after he was presented with his silver medalIranian cultural convention bans men from shaking hands with unrelated womenSt.

London 2012: Rebecca Adlington hopes Games will help girls get into sport

Girls now know they can look gorgeous and sporty! Swimmer Rebecca Adlington hopes Games will help girls get into sport I know people are having post-Olympic blues, but for me it's so nice to have some down-timeWe show you can be slim but in a healthy way | UPDATED: 16:56 GMT, 17 August 2012 Role model: Rebecca is looking forward to some well-deserved time off, after months of hard training After months of training, coping with a highly-expectant home crowd and winning two bronze Olympic medals, Rebecca Adlington is surely a woman in need of a rest.

Olympics 2012 Chris Hoy: His intense workout regime and diet

The intense workout regime and diet of Sir Chris Hoy: Secrets of an Olympic body | UPDATED: 00:39 GMT, 24 July 2012 One of sir Chris Hoy's gym exercises involves him pushing weights of 35st Cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, who won three gold medals at the Beijing Games in 2008, is nicknamed Golden Thighs because of his 27in legs that will hopefully power him to yet another gold in London.

Claire Lomas: Paralysed woman completes London Marathon in bionic suit

Give Claire a medal! Tim Henman leads calls for organisers to reward paralysed marathon ace who finished Marathon in 16 days… as she raises 130,000£ for charity

London Marathon 2012: Woman Dies During Race

London Marathon organisers have confirmed a 30-year-old female runner died in the race, according to reports.