Red meat could raise risk of cancer due to high levels of iron

Red meat could raise risk of cancer 'due to high levels of iron'Scientists found when a gene called APC doesn’t work, it allows a build up of iron in the cells lining the gut | UPDATED: 16:06 GMT, 9 August 2012 Researchers found that susceptibility to bowel cancer was strongly influenced both by iron and a gene called APC Scientists claim high levels of iron may be one reason why eating red meat raises the risk of bowel cancer.

Eating probiotic yoghurt could boost male fertility (finds a study on "swaggering" mice)

Eating yoghurt could make men more virile (finds a study on 'swaggering' mice) Vanilla yoghurt gave male rodents 'swagger' and protruding testiclesFemales became better mothers with shinier fur | UPDATED: 09:10 GMT, 9 May 2012 Could eating pro-biotic yoghurt make men sexier and more virile Studies on mice suggest it Eating probiotic yoghurt is known to calm troubled tummies – now scientists have found it could boost virility as well.

Exposing babies in the womb to mobile phones "could lead to behavioural problems", claim U.S. scientists

Mums-to-be warned exposing babies in the womb to mobile phones 'could give them behaviour problems', report Yale expert says it would be 'sensible' for pregnant women to limit their baby's exposure to mobile phones But British experts say it's 'irresponsible' to speculate about human radiation risk from a study on mice | UPDATED: 16:59 GMT, 15 March 2012 A Yale expert said limiting a baby's exposure to mobile phone radiation would be 'warranted' Pregnant women who use mobile phones may be putting their babies at risk of developing behavioural problems, scientists have warned.