Maternal instinct is a myth: Mothers and fathers are equally good at recognising their baby"s cry

Is maternal instinct a myth Mothers and fathers are EQUALLY good at recognising their baby's cry A parent's ability to identify their baby's cry is determined by the amount of time they spend with the child, not by their gender By Emma Innes PUBLISHED: 09:21 GMT, 17 April 2013 | UPDATED: 12:45 GMT, 17 April 2013 Maternal instinct may not be all that it is cracked up to be, according to new research.

Samantha Brick debate: We"re all narcissists, says a leading psychologist

We're all narcissists: Here a leading psychologist says most of us are more like Samantha 'I'm so beautiful' Brick than we admit | UPDATED: 12:12 GMT, 15 April 2012 Samantha Brick provoked national derision when she said she was hated for being beautiful From the Wicked Queen in Snow White to Samantha Brick, the writer behind the recent ‘I’m so beautiful .  .  .’ media storm, women who are convinced of their own beauty are often cast as villains.