Rare pregnancy disorder Pemphigoid gestationis leaves woman covered in agonising blisters

The mother ALLERGIC to her own baby: Pregnancy left woman, 24, covered in agonising blisters after developing rare disorder Zuleika developed a burning, itchy rash when she was 20 weeks pregnantShe was wrongly diagnosed with scabies and prescribed an insecticideIt wasn't until she gave birth that a locum doctor realised she had an auto-immune pregnancy disorder | UPDATED: 17:09 GMT, 13 December 2012 A young mother-to-be who developed agonising blisters all over her body was shocked to discover she had a rare allergy to her own baby.

Katie Dell allergic to WATER: I will die if I cry

‘I could die if I cry’: Agony of young woman who is so allergic to water that her TEARS cause potentially deadly burning rash. A young woman fears she could be killed by her own tears because she is allergic to water.