Couple with boy, 6, and girl, 4, have BOTH been diagnosed with a terminal illness

‘Who will look after our children’ Mother and father contemplate leaving their son and daughter orphans after BOTH are diagnosed with a terminal illnessPaul and Clare Coulston have been making guardianship arrangementsShe was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer and he with Motor Neurone DiseaseMrs Coulston has been a 30 per cent chance of survival and her husband has been told he has between three and five years to live

What teachers really want to tell parents

This summer, I met a principal who was recently named as the administrator of the year in her state. She was loved and adored by all, but she told me she was leaving the profession. I screamed, “You can’t leave us,” and she quite bluntly replied, “Look, if I get an offer to lead a […]