Against all the odds: The amazing recovery of Patrick “the miracle” Pit Bull one year after being left for dead in a trash chute

The dog who came back from the dead:Amazing recovery of Patrick the pit bull after he was dumped in a trash chute An emaciated Pit Bull discovered at the bottom of a trash chute in Newark last year moments before the trash compactor would have killed him, has made a miraculous recovery and now weighs a healthy 50lbs.

Patrick Stewart’s battle with Time Warner Cable saps him of “the will to live”

“All I wanted to do was set up a new cable account, but 36 hours later I”ve lost the will to live”: Patrick Stewart tweets his fury at Time Warner British actor recently moved to Park Slope neighbourhood of BrooklynTweeted that waiting for Time Warner Cable made him lose “the will to live”

NHS refuses to fund treatment for a brain tumour that is making Angela Steel go deaf

A brain tumour is making me go deaf – so why does the NHS refuse to 'zap' it One woman's battle for pioneering treatment | UPDATED: 21:11 GMT, 14 July 2012 Anger: Angela Steel faces surgery after she was refused radiotherapy The surgeon was adamant – the MRI scan showed a tumour on Angela Steel’s brain and it had to be dealt with.