Muscular boys will "live longer than their weaker friends", a new study claims

Muscly boys aren't just a hit with the girls – they live longer, too Researchers tracked more than one million Swedish male adolescents over 24 yearsThey found stronger boys lived longer, even if they became overweight adultsPhysically weaker people might be more mentally vulnerable, it was suggested<br> <p> | <strong>UPDATED:</strong> 11:05 GMT, 21 November 2012 </p> <br><p>After a summer witnessing crowds of screaming girls jostling to catch a glimpse of Olympic diver Tod Daley's toned torso, there can't have been many young men who didn't feel a twinge of jealousy.

Oxytocin: Forget Viagra, "Cuddle drug" could be new way to boost bedroom performance

Forget Viagra, the 'Cuddle drug' could be the new way to boost performance in the bedroom | UPDATED: 00:26 GMT, 9 April 2012 'Cuddle drug' oxytocin could be the new Viagra Taking a chemical that helps mothers bond with their babies may not immediately strike you as the best way to improve a man’s libido.

Muscly Mark Wahlberg”s big biceps just can”t compete with The Rock on set of Pain and Gain

Battle of the biceps! Muscular Mark Wahlberg just can”;t compete with the mountainous Rock on set of Pain and Gain. He is filming a movie called No Pain No Gain and Mark Wahlberg has been showing off just how much he has gained from being a fitness fanatic.