Dawn of the GM baby: Technique that gives children three parents may only be a year away

Gene watchdog opens door to fertility technique that gives children THREE parents Germline therapy – the alteration of genes in eggs or sperm – could be made legal by Parliament next yearCritics say it's wrong to tamper with the sanctity of life and consequences for future generations are uncertain | UPDATED: 06:46 GMT, 17 September 2012 The creation of genetically-modified babies could win Parliament’s backing next year.

Avocados "can help keep you young" and fight off diseases by tackling dangerous molecules

Avocados 'can help keep you young' and fight off diseases by tackling dangerous molecules | UPDATED: 00:43 GMT, 23 April 2012 Avocados could be a weapon in the fight against ageing and disease, say scientists.

How exercise makes you smarter by boosting energy levels in your brain

Exercise makes you smarter 'by boosting energy levels in the brain'Exercise may create an energy 'buffer' in the brain against age-related diseases On the ball: A half-hour jog could boost the energy levels in your brain Everyone knows exercise increases your fitness levels by making the muscles more resistant to fatigue.