“Essex Lion” picture revealed as police call off search and admit it’s probably a “large domestic cat”

Here, kitty kitty: Image of “Essex Lion” that sparked massive police hunt is finally revealed as officers call off the search and admit sightings were probably of a “large domestic cat”No sign of predator after extensive police searches 30 police officers, marksmen and two helicopters were involved in searchBut witnesses stand by their claims that they saw a big cat Panicked man running towards family yelled: “It”s a f****** lion!” Family playing backgammon in front room heard very loud roar

Quick-thinking driver, 20, escapes death by tearing off her seatbelt and rolling out of harm’s way as lorry flattens her car

Quick-thinking driver, 20, makes miracle escape as lorry flattens her car by tearing off her seatbelt and rolling out of harm”s way Lorry was pulling trailer, which toppled over on top of the Nissan MicraBrave woman managed to scramble out of crushed passenger side