Simple eye scan can reveal how quickly Multiple Sclerosis will progress

Simple eye scan can predict how quickly Multiple Sclerosis patients will decline Scan measures thickness of lining at the back of the eyeThose with thinning retinas had earlier and more active forms of M.S Could help doctors to track the unpredictable disease and act to slow its progression | UPDATED: 12:24 GMT, 25 December 2012 A quick and easy eye test could offer an effective way of measuring how fast multiple sclerosis is progressing in someone with the disease.

Couple with boy, 6, and girl, 4, have BOTH been diagnosed with a terminal illness

‘Who will look after our children’ Mother and father contemplate leaving their son and daughter orphans after BOTH are diagnosed with a terminal illnessPaul and Clare Coulston have been making guardianship arrangementsShe was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer and he with Motor Neurone DiseaseMrs Coulston has been a 30 per cent chance of survival and her husband has been told he has between three and five years to live

Retts Syndrome: Girl who will never "grow up" as cruel syndrome throws development into reverse

The girl who will never grow up: Parents reveal anguish over cruel syndrome that reverses daughter's development and means she won’t ever be able to walk or talk Aimee can no longer walk or talk and has no control over her handsRett syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects one in 12,000 females | UPDATED: 12:08 GMT, 31 August 2012 A four-year-old girl has become an ambassador for a new campaign – to help cure children like her who are robbed of the chance of growing up.

Not very Progressive… Insurance company defends driver’s killer in court

“My dead sister paid for Progressive to defend driver who killed her”: Brother”s outrage at insurance company”s efforts to avoid paying claim. A brother has called out at an insurance company after it paid for lawyers to defend the negligent driver who killed his sister to avoid paying out on her policy in full.

A case of lazyitis? Not bothering to exercise should be treated as a medical condition

A case of lazyitis Not bothering to exercise 'should be treated as a medical condition'More doctors would prescribe supported progressive exercise if inactivity was treated as a medical condition, says Mayo Clinic expert | UPDATED: 15:57 GMT, 14 August 2012 A prolonged lack of exercise causes the body to become deconditioned It is common knowledge that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity, which is a common cause of diabetes, high blood pressure and joint damage.

People in their 60s are hit hardest by Alzheimer"s as it progresses more quickly

Alzheimer's hits harder earlier in life as people in their 60s decline more quickly than older patients May be that patients diagnosed after 80 have some kind of 'resistance' to condition | UPDATED: 12:12 GMT, 3 August 2012 People who develop Alzheimer's symptoms in their 60s and 70s, are more likely to decline quickly compared to those diagnosed in very old age, researchers say.

MS hope: Alzheimer"s disease molecule can actually REVERSE multiple sclerosis, say scientists after shock discovery

Alzheimer's disease molecule can actually REVERSE multiple sclerosis, say scientists after shock discovery Maligned molecule found to have beneficial anti-inflammatory effect | UPDATED: 10:43 GMT, 3 August 2012 A molecule that causes Alzheimer’s disease could reverse paralysis caused by multiple sclerosis (MS), a study has found.