Cannabis compound “could stop breast cancer from spreading”

Cannabis plant extract ‘could stop aggressive breast cancer from spreading’. Compound in the plant does not produce psychoactive properties of cannabis.Found not only to stop breast cancer cells from acting ‘crazy’ but also to return to normal cells

Injection of nanoparticles could help save lives of victims of serious brain injury such as soldiers in battle

The brain injection that could help save lives of soldiers in battle and other victims of serious head injury Nanoparticles help stabilise bloodflow in the brain | UPDATED: 14:40 GMT, 24 August 2012 Victims of serious brain trauma could be saved by an injection of nanoparticles in the moments after injury, researchers have found.

Green tea "eradicates skin cancer"

Green tea extract 'eradicates skin cancer' By Daily Mail Reporter PUBLISHED: 15:16 GMT, 22 August 2012 | UPDATED: 15:17 GMT, 22 August 2012 A green tea extract has a potent effect on cancer cells in the lab A chemical found in green tea has been used to treat two types of skin cancer, scientists say.

Daily aspirin "cuts the risk of dying from any type of cancer"

Daily aspirin 'cuts the risk of dying from any type of cancer' Daily aspirin cuts cancer risk overall by 16 per cent | UPDATED: 20:00 GMT, 10 August 2012 Experts will need to study whether the benefits outweigh the risks of taking aspirin regularly Taking aspirin regularly cuts the risk of dying from cancer but the reduction is smaller than researchers anticipated, a new study reveals.

American Institute of Architects hand out awards for best designed homes in the U.S.

Would you live in one of the ten best homes in America Architects reveal the spectacular properties that have wowed them in 2012American Institute of Architects handed out its annual awards to projects showcasing the best innovative design

How sniffing rosemary could boost your brain power

How sniffing rosemary could boost your brain power Sniffing rosemary could boost your brain power, scientists have suggested.

Green tea abolishes bad breath, say scientists

Green tea's status as a 'superfood' grows: A study finds it even abolishes bad breath (it already helps prevent cancer and heart disease) | UPDATED: 02:33 GMT, 14 March 2012 Green Tea: Does wonders for bad breath Green tea can help beat bad breath, according to scientific research.