Guatemalan child-killer burnt him to death on “the school’s patio” as mob rule begans to take over in Tactic

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT. Justice Latin-American style: Mob take revenge on Guatemalan child-killer by burning him to death on “the school”s patio” and then administer their own justice to lawbreakers . A vigilante mob in Guatemala took deadly revenge against a man who authorities said killed two children at a primary school.

Dentist Anna Mackowiak pulled out ALL boyfriend Marek Olszewski’s teeth after he dumped her

Dentist pulled out ALL boyfriend”s teeth after he dumped her (and new girlfriend leaves him because of his empty mouth)Anna Mackowiak heavily sedated Marek Olszewski before plucking out his gnashers”I tried to be professional, but when I saw him, I thought, “What a b******”.”