Mother-of-four with Parkinson"s disease turns condition in to an art form by becoming a HUMAN STATUE

Mother-of-four with Parkinson's disease turns condition into an art form by becoming a Marilyn Monroe human statue Nicky was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease when she was 29The condition makes her muscles tighten, leaving her unable to move Nicky now poses as a frozen Marilyn Monroe for two hours at a time to raise money for charity | UPDATED: 19:30 GMT, 14 December 2012 A Parkinson’s sufferer whose muscles stiffen as a result of the disease has turned her condition into an art-form – by becoming a human statue.

Progeria: Drug reverses rapid aging in children with "Benjamin Button" disorder

'Tremendous breakthrough' drug reverses rapid aging in children with 'Benjamin Button' disorder Children placed on the drug saw improvements in weight gain, bone structure and heart healthExperts at Boston children's Hospital said it was a 'tremendous breakthrough'Youngsters with progeria live to the average age of 13 | UPDATED: 09:26 GMT, 26 September 2012 A drug first developed for cancer has shown great promise in treating children with Progeria, a rare and fatal rapid-aging disease.