Switching off obesity gene found to prevent weight-gain EVEN if eating a high-fat diet

How switching off a fat gene may prevent weight-gain – EVEN if you eat a high-fat diet Removing Plin2 gene made mice resistant to obesityFat cells were 20% smaller and rodents also ate lessScientists think the effect could be duplicated in humans By Claire Bates PUBLISHED: 12:53 GMT, 6 March 2013 | UPDATED: 14:02 GMT, 6 March 2013 Switching off a certain gene could stop junk food eaters from gaining weight Switching off a 'fat' gene could prevent you from piling on the pound even if you stick to a high-fat diet, say researchers.

The Probiotic Yoghurt effect: research show it makes mice sexy, slim, fertile and gives them swagger

Why yoghurt makes mice slimmer (and sexier) Vanilla yoghurt gave male rodents 'swagger' and protruding testiclesFemales became better mothers with shinier fur | UPDATED: 09:05 GMT, 9 May 2012 Could eating pro-biotic yoghurt make us slimmer, sexier and give us shiny locks Studies on mice suggest it Eating yoghurt could make you both slimmer and sexier, according to a study made at Massachusetts Institute of Technology – at least if you are a mouse.