Rare pregnancy disorder Pemphigoid gestationis leaves woman covered in agonising blisters

The mother ALLERGIC to her own baby: Pregnancy left woman, 24, covered in agonising blisters after developing rare disorder Zuleika developed a burning, itchy rash when she was 20 weeks pregnantShe was wrongly diagnosed with scabies and prescribed an insecticideIt wasn't until she gave birth that a locum doctor realised she had an auto-immune pregnancy disorder | UPDATED: 17:09 GMT, 13 December 2012 A young mother-to-be who developed agonising blisters all over her body was shocked to discover she had a rare allergy to her own baby.

Tiny puppy Bob is nursed back to health despite losing an eye after being dumped in vet’s car park

Who could hurt Miracle Bob Abused puppy nursed back to health despite losing an eye and being dumped in vet”s car parkThe black and white puppy is one of the tiniest ever rescued by the RSPCA
Bob was just eight weeks old and weighed less than a kilo when he was found, shivering from the cold and in agony from a ruptured eyeball