RAF serviceman diagnosed with testicular cancer only after seeking treatment for groin injury caused by booted rugby ball

Saved by a groin strain: RAF serviceman was diagnosed with cancer only when he sought treatment for rugby injuryShane McMullen, 28, was left in agonising pain after the ball was booted at him during a match with his armed forces colleagues in Cyprus in FebruaryFather-of-two is grateful excruciating injury occurred as otherwise the cancer, which spread to his stomach, would likely not have been detected | UPDATED: 11:16 GMT, 31 May 2012 An RAF serviceman hit in the groin with a rugby ball was diagnosed with testicular cancer when he sought treatment for the injury.

“He’s robbed me of one of the most precious things in life”: Tears of mother blinded by boyfriend who GOUGED her eyes out

“I will never see my kids” faces again”: Tears of mother blinded by boyfriend who GOUGED both of her eyes outTina Nash was subjected to “sickening” 12-hour assault while her two children were in homeShe was also left with a broken nose and jaw in an attack described as “the most harrowing” police had seen