Drinking a litre a day of mineral water "can prevent onset of Alzheimer"s" by flushing out aluminium

Drinking a litre of mineral water every day 'can prevent Alzheimer's memory loss' Silicon-rich mineral water can help remove aluminium which is linked to dementia | UPDATED: 13:25 GMT, 12 October 2012 Drinking a litre of mineral water every day can prevent cognitive decline in Alzheimer's sufferers by removing aluminium from their bodies, a study found yesterday.

Propecia pills: William McKee claims hair growth pills made him develop breasts and wide hips

Balding software engineer claims generic version of Propecia hair growth pills turned him into a WOMAN | UPDATED: 16:41 GMT, 23 July 2012 A man who took pills to help cure his baldness has claimed they turned him into a woman.